Lifeboat Prayers

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

“Prayer is where the action is.” – John Wesley

When our world is caving in, when the ground falls away beneath our feet, when there are no other options, then we pray.

So often we see prayer not as our first response but as our last resort. We try to handle situations on our own. We try our best to patch the holes in our sinking boat before we throw out the inflatable “prayer” lifeboat as a last-ditch effort.

When all else fails then we go to God.

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you (Psalm 55:22a)

I’m reminded of those times as a child when the chain would come off my bike. I would crouch down beside my bike and struggle to reattach the chain. My hands would become black with grease and I would bake in the hot sun still unable to fix the bike.

Finally, after a while of straining and sweating, I’d realize how incapable I was. But the good news was, I knew someone who was more than capable.

“Dad!” I would call out.

My father would come outside and within seconds the chain would be reattached and he wouldn’t even have a spot of grease on him.

How much better off would I have been if I went to my father as a first response rather than a last resort?

How much better off will you be going to your Heavenly Father as a first response rather than a last resort?

No problem to small.

No situation too big.

Give it to God.

Parents: Explain to them the main point of today’s devotion. Take requests from your children and teach them how to pray.

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