The Collector

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

“When trouble comes, focus on God’s ability to care for you.” – Charles Stanley

 Not only will God forgive you if you ask Him to. Not only does God love you. Not only did Jesus die for you.

But be reminded today that God cares for you!

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

What do we do with that which we care about?

Think about a distinguished collector of antiques.

Every day he examines his collection. Carefully plucking each toy, knickknack, and trinket off the shelf. One by one he dusts it and cleans it, making it shine like new. If it breaks, with steady hands he meticulously pieces it back together, repairing it to its original condition. If he loses one, or one is destroyed beyond repair his heart breaks and there is a void that cannot be filled.

Why does he go through all that trouble?

Why does he spend so much time looking after useless curiosities?

Because he cares.

The fact that God, the creator of the universe, cares about you should release you of all your stress and worry.

God loves you and wants to make you the best you that you can be. He will supply all of your needs, calm all of your anxieties, cast away all of your fear, release all of your anger, wipe away all of your sin, and remove all your hate.


Because God cares for you.

Parents: Ask your children what they care about. Ask them why they care so much. Tell them that God cares about them even more and wants to help them with anything they face.

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