Inconvenient Anger

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

“When anger wins, love always loses.” – Willard Harley Jr.

One thing that really sends me up a wall is when someone can’t park their car. It’s always the best, most convenient parking spot that is impossible to enter because a huge truck parks over the line. I don’t know why but this always puts my teeth on edge, so I usually decide to act.

My first response in this situation probably isn’t the best. I usually attempt to cram my tiny Kia Optima into the spot, leaving very little room on either side. This way, when the person who owns the truck comes out, he’ll have to squeeze himself between our cars to get into his own. Then, he’ll realize his mistake of parking over the line.

That’ll show ’em, I think as I park my car beside the truck responsible for ruining my day. I unbuckle my seat belt and begin to climb out of my car. I quickly realize that because I parked so close to the truck, I can only open my door a few inches. I then take a few minutes to pull, stretch, and tug myself out of my car. Finally, hot, sweaty, and with a few new bruises or scratches, I have successfully enacted my revenge.

But it doesn’t feel good. I never feel any better. In fact, I usually feel worse. But isn’t that always the case with anger?

You see, anger is never convenient or easy. Anger is a weight on our shoulders. It is a burden that we bear. Never has feeling angry made anyone feel good, just as executing revenge has never made anyone feel better.

Anger is empty and can fill our hearts and minds for days! Anger usually never prompts good actions but usually prompts harsh responses.

If you’re looking for a Bible verse on anger there are plenty to choose from. To me, this one encompasses all the rest.

Human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires” (James 1:20).

James cuts straight to the point. Anger can never breed righteousness it can only breed sin. God desires righteousness for us and wants to remove the anger that will get in the way.

Will you allow God to remove the burden of anger from your life and replace it with His righteousness?

Parents: Explain to your children the vices of anger. Tell them that God wants to remove the burden of anger off their shoulders.

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