I Doubt It

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

“It is not about never doubting, it is about coming out on the other side with twice the faith you had going into your doubt.” – Beth Moore

 I think that the Christian life can best be described in terms of seasons. Beyond the good days and the bad, there are large periods of our lives that are characterized by our spiritual state. Sometimes, these seasons are positive. We go through seasons of faith, seasons of blessing, seasons of joy.

Unfortunately, more often than not, these seasons are marked with adversity. We face seasons of disappointment, seasons of depression, seasons of anxiety. Most of these negative seasons are met with open arms by other Christians. When we hear of a fellow Christ follower who is going through a season of disappointment we reach out to them, comfort them, pray for them, and try to encourage them.

But, there is one season that isn’t handled this way. Rather than met with open arms, people traveling through this season are met with closed doors. Rather than receiving encouraging words, they hear silence. Rather than being comforted they are ignored.

The season of doubt.

It is a season that many Christians go through. Some may experience a short season of doubt. For others, this season might cover a large part of their Christian walk. Is what I believe really true? Does God really exist? Does God really want a relationship with me? Is God really good?

These thoughts are completely natural. While some people may be offended by such questions and react with impatience or rejection, can I tell you today that God isn’t offended by your doubt?

Look at His patience with Gideon while Gideon doubts His calling. Read about how Jesus presents His nail-scarred hands to an unbelieving Thomas. Remember how Abraham and Sarah laughed at God’s promise to provide them with offspring, yet He still kept His word.

God doesn’t turn His back on you because of your doubt. He runs after you. To those of you who are doubting, keep your heart open to what God has to say. Though you may be questioning Him, He still wants to be in relationship with you.

To those of you who know someone who is doubting, do not turn them away. God hasn’t left them in the dust, so why should you? Remember Jude 1:22, “Have mercy on those who doubt.” Pray for them, encourage them, converse with them. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their disbelief and speak words of truth into their lives.

Parents: Share with your children the stories of Gideon, Abraham and Sarah, and Thomas. Tell them that God won’t leave us in our doubting, instead, He chases after us.

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