Advent: December 5th – Sorry About the Wait

By: Pastor Brian Rogers

“The timing of God is often a mystery to us, and even sometimes a frustration.  But we must not give up.  We must not try to arrange our own solutions.” – Jim Cymbala, Fresh Faith

Waiting can be frustrating.  When Michelle was out of town a few weeks ago, the girls and I left the church following a Sunday Morning service. I had the perfect plan:

Run through a drive-thru, head home, eat, and relax while the girls played.

I entered the drive-thru with about 7 cars ahead of me.  It was to be expected, as it was still during the lunch time rush. Ten minutes passed and 6 cars were still ahead of me.  20 minutes passed,  5 cars still ahead of me. 30 minutes later I placed my order and after 45 minutes the young man at the window handed me the food and said, “Sorry about the wait…”

The phrase has stuck with me. “Sorry about the wait.”

I think I speak for most when I say I don’t like to wait.  Waiting is frustrating.  But when we are waiting upon God, His answer, and His timing, I don’t think that He will ever say, “Sorry about the wait.”

Our waiting time in God’s will might be a mystery to us. It may even be a frustration, but we can’t try to get ahead of God or come up with our own solutions.

In the drive-thru line that day, people all around me were pulling out of line, trying to find a different solution to the hunger they had.

Don’t pull out of line.  Don’t try to come up with your own solution while you wait.  Put your faith in God.  Because it is in the waiting that he teaches and refines.

It is in the waiting that we trust, in faith, knowing that somehow, someway God will come through and satisfy all we need…in His time.

He isn’t sorry about the wait, He has planned it.  So have faith and trust that His plan is perfect.

  Trust in the Lord. Have faith, do not despair. Trust in the Lord” (Psalm 27:14).

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord” (Psalm 27:14).

Parents: Explain to your children why God isn’t “sorry about the wait”.

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