Advent: December 6th – Faith with Abandon

By: Regina Heagle

“Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time.” – Oswald Chambers

She raised her hands to the sky and exclaimed, in her language, words that would be translated: “My God provides all I need!”  She would go on to explain throughout the course of the conversation, “Many times we have no food and do not know where our next meal will come from. Then, someone knocks on the door with food”.  This is the testimony of a grandmother in Honduras who is raising her daughter’s children.  The hardships she has endured are more than I can speak of in a short space. Her struggles span much more than just lack of food.  However, despite all of her dire circumstances, when she has no explainable, visible reason for faith, she exhibits faith with abandon.

Mary was a young, innocent girl, likely in her teens, probably not having a lot of life experience, and unsuspecting of what is about to come upon her.  Although the world hadn’t seen miracles for hundreds of years, an angel arrives and speaks to Mary.  He tells her she is about to conceive and give birth to a son.  Not only that, but the angel goes on to reveal to Mary the magnitude of all that her Son will be.  We cannot blame Mary when her response at first is “How will this be?”  But with just a hint of further explanation of what will take place, Mary’s response is astounding. She had no reason to believe this angel.  She had no explainable, visible reason for her faith.  Nevertheless, her response is faith with abandon.  ‘I am the Lord’s servant’”, Mary answered.  ‘May your word to me be fulfilled’” (Luke 1:38).

To have faith with abandon, we must put our full confidence outside of ourselves and place it fully in the hands of God.  There may come a time in your life when the only reason you can give for trusting God to take care of your needs is “Because He said He would.”  There’s no concrete proof, no assurances that we can see.  Only His promise.  But His promise is enough.

Life gives us many opportunities to doubt.  When finances are short, when health fails, when stability falters, when relationships fall apart, when children fall away, or when someone comes to tell you news that is unbelievable, remember what our friend in Honduras knew – Our God provides all we need.  Faith is deliberate hope that God will keep His promises and do what He said because God is good.  Times of hardship will come, but we can have faith with abandon because we serve a God who is always present, always reliable, and always provides.  Luke 1:45 “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” (Luke 1:45).

Parents:  This evening, ask your children what highs and lows they had during the day.  Ask them how they think God provided for the highs.  As them how they think He will provide for the lows.  Then pray for those situations.  Follow up and encourage your child to see how God provided.

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