Advent: December 24th – Wild Good Chase

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

“God assumes full responsibility for our needs when we obey Him.”- Charles Stanley

Enter the great and famous prophet, Elisha.

Elisha’s teacher, Elijah, whom he followed for many years, was just taken up into heaven in a whirlwind and left Elisha behind, distraught and grieving after the loss of his good friend and master. But Scripture tells us that the spirit of Elijah rested on Elisha and he continued their ministry even after Elijah was gone.

One of his first tasks, now that he is on his own, comes when three kings approach him and ask for the guidance of the Lord. The three share their fears of the powerful king of Moab is sure to destroy them.

The Lord speaks to the kings through Elisha. He tells them that they must do. If they were honest, the kings would have probably admitted that what the Lord said sounded like a wild goose chase.

God told the kings that they must dig ditches all throughout the valley. A big rain will then come and the ditches will fill with water which their soldiers can drink. Oh, yeah, and the Lord will also deliver Moab into your hands.

I know what I would have said. What? Come on, God. That’s crazy. Why don’t you just deliver the Moabites into our hands? Why do we have to go through all that trouble?

Nevertheless, the kings followed the seemingly nonsense directions of Elisha and dug ditches throughout the valley. Just like God said, the ditches filled with water and the soldiers drank. Then, the three king’s armies waited for Moab to arrive.

Many times, our obedience doesn’t always guarantee us answers. When we follow where God is leading us, sometimes he makes us wait on Him. But just like the kings, we have to be obedient in our waiting. God will prove faithful to us just as he did to the kings.

Finally, the army of Moab approached the border of the valley and when they looked out, the valley appeared to be filled with blood. In reality, it was just the sun reflecting off the water that filled the ditches making them appear blood-red. Seeing what looked like pools of blood in the valley, the army of Moab assumed that the three kings had killed one another and approached the valley unaware.

It was then that the three kings sent their armies to ambush the Moabites and, just as the Lord said, Moab and his army were delivered into their hands.

Sometimes the will of God seems like a wild goose chase. Sometimes our obedience leads to waiting. But God is ever faithful.

During this season, one can’t help but think about how Mary must have felt. I’m sure God’s plan for her to give birth to the long-awaited Messiah probably seemed crazy.

But Mary was obedient. Can we do the same?

Parents: Share another story with your children from the Bible about someone who was obedient to God despite the fact that His plan sounded like a wild goose chase.

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