Word Power

Read: Luke 4:14-44

By: Heather Doty

“Words that do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness.” – Mother Teresa

When reflecting on Luke 4:31-37, I can’t help but be drawn to the power of words when used by Jesus. Simple words with such an enforcing power. We know that when Jesus used words it was extremely powerful. We know by reading Genesis that all God had to do was speak to create the world with the simple words “Let there be…”.

He used words to heal and raise people from the dead. One of my favorites is in Luke 8 when Jesus raises Jairus’ little girl from death with the words “My child get up!” (Luke 8:53). In Luke 4, Jesus simply rebukes Simon’s mother-in-law’s high fever that she had been suffering from for a while. After reading Luke 4:31-37, we know that when Jesus used simple words He was able to drive out demons or impure spirits.

     “Be quiet!” Jesus said sternly. “Come out of him!” Then the demon threw the man down before them all and came out without injuring him (Luke 4:35).

Does it not blow you away that these things happened by Him just speaking words? But why did God choose this pattern? Why words? Why not a more “spectacular” way of delivering a miracle?

Of course, one reason is to show the power of our Almighty God. But, I can not help to think that there is an underlying message and lesson for all of us also.

I believe He wants us to know that the words of God are powerful, but I also believe He wants to teach us that our own words are powerful and the way we use them can either help further His Kingdom or help take pieces away.


Do your words have power to create, heal, or bring life? Absolutely! Every day, we use words. We choose which words to use. We can create an inviting Christ-like environment with our words of encouragement. We can heal a broken relationship with a simple “I’m sorry” or “I forgive you”. We can bring life back to someone who has strayed from God or perhaps has never had a relationship with Him by using words of love and sharing the words of God.

Your “hello” to a stranger you pass on the street could encourage them to begin “looking up”. A simple “I appreciate you” to your spouse could reaffirm feelings of worth. Tell your kids a million times a day “I love you and God does too!” or text it, even if they say your annoying them…..they don’t mean it :), deep down it makes them feel so loved!

Just as your words can create, heal, and bring life, they can destroy what we are called to: further the Kingdom of God.

If we are having a bad day and we use words to take it out on our spouse, we are risking our Proverbs 31 status, ladies. If we are frustrated with our kids and we are short with them before they walk out the door in the morning, we have just predetermined the flow of their day. If we brush past a stranger without even a hello we have just missed an opportunity to share God’s love.  When we are that kink in the chain with our words, we have just caused a trickle-down effect.  We run the risk of disenabling the furthering of God’s Kingdom.

I am preaching to myself here.  I have used harsh words with my husband, been short with my kids, and passed people by without even a look because MY day was bad. I am convicted as I type.  So I have decided to take this back to grade school for us all.


T- true  H- helpful  I-important N- necessary K- kind

Think before we speak! It is vital that our words show Christ’s light no matter who we are speaking to!  Jesus’ words had such authority and power and ours can also. We have the authority to further His Kingdom with choosing our words wisely!

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