Read: Luke 13:1-17

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

“As things are brought back under Christ’s rule and authority, they are restored to health, beauty, and freedom.” — Timothy Keller

As I read through the story in Luke 13 of the crippled woman, I felt that I could relate with her.

Christ is teaching in the synagogue. He stands behind a podium on a raised platform. He reads from the Holy Scripture and looks out to the flock of people that fills the room.

As He is speaking, His eyes fall on an elderly woman sitting towards the back. I imagine that He stops speaking mid-sentence.

Without asking the question, without being told, He knew. He knew her past. He knew that she had suffered from this infirmity for eighteen years. He knew her name.

He calls it out. Her eyes meet His. “Yes?” she says, amazed. “Come,” he says, motioning her forward.

As she walks forward, the crowd parts to make way. They stare and gawk. Her eyes are set on Jesus. She has difficulty walking with her stature, but eventually she is before the Master.

Jesus hopped down from the platform from which He was teaching. He leaned over and met the lady’s eyes “Woman,” He said, “you are set free from your infirmity.”

He placed His hands upon her shoulders and instantly she was healed. She straightened up and began shouting praises to God.

When I say that I relate to the woman in this passage, I too feel bent over and that I cannot stand straight. I too feel the weight that lays heavenly upon my shoulders. Maybe you have felt the same way.

But thankfully, the same solution that the woman found lies open for me and you as well.

When we are weighed down by our sin and shame. When it feels as if the world rests squarely upon your shoulders.  When you feel like you can no longer stand, Christ stands before you and He is calling out your name. Christ is saying, “Come”.

Maybe it is the stress of your job or your school that always gives you a pit in your stomach. Maybe it is a habit or an addiction that is wrapped fast around you. Maybe it is your sin that lay unconfessed and unforgiven.

Will you hear Him call your name today? Will you meet His eyes across the room? Will you approach Him boldly today?

Because the good news is if you stand before the Savior in humility, He will reach out His hand and release you from the weight that troubles you. He will say, “You are set free”.

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