Watching the Sunrise

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

“Joy is the serious business of heaven.”

 C.S. Lewis

There are some days that the sweat lays thick on our brow. Our muscles are sore, and our breath is heavy. It seems like the day never ends and sleep will never come. 

There are some weeks in which the work never ends. The pile of papers on our desk piles higher and higher. It’s one problem after another. We get home and it’s just as busy there. Chores need to be done. Kids need to be taken care of. 

There are some months that fly by. There’s something going on every day and every evening. It seems like every week ushers in some new tragedy or critical situation. It never seems to end. 

There are some years that we try to forget. Years that have hurt us and tired us. Years that have run us through the wringer. Years that we are glad to be rid of once the New Year’s ball drops.

But, then there are our days off. Sunny Saturdays with nothing to do. So, we sit on our porch swing with a mug of steaming coffee and we just sit there watching the sunrise.

But, then there are weeks of vacation. Where it seems as if the hectic nature of life has taken a vacation too. Beach days, hiking days, camping days. Nothing but making memories and taking pictures.

But, then there are those months that are filled with days you are looking forward to. One weekend, it’s times with friends. Another is a special date with your spouse. Every week holds something new and exciting.

But, then there are those years of new beginnings. New jobs, new opportunities, new beginnings, second chances. It’s those years where everything seems to be going pretty good – or even better- everything is going just fine. 

I think that the beauty of this life that we are given is that it’s those bad days, those busy weeks, those never-ending months, those horrible years, that make the good days all the more enjoyable.  

If it wasn’t for those hard-working days, the days of relaxation wouldn’t be as welcome. If it wasn’t for those busy weeks, the weeks of vacation wouldn’t be as memorable. If it wasn’t for those hectic months, those months with fresh events wouldn’t be as anticipated. If it wasn’t for those hurtful years, the new year wouldn’t bring so much hope.

I believe that our life as a whole has many ups and plenty of downs. But it’s the down days, the bad days, the busy days, the hard days, that make the good days all the better.

I think that one day, we’ll be sitting on our porches in heaven, sipping a steaming cup of coffee, watching the never-ending sunrise, thinking about the ups and downs of life, and we’ll be reminded that it was all worth it. 

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