Draw Nearer

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

“Let it be God’s glory and not our own that we seek, and when we get to that point, how speedily the Lord will bless us for good.”

D.L. Moody

Sometimes God can feel pretty distant. It can feel like He is miles away, ignoring all of the curveballs that life is throwing you. It’s as if we have fallen off our bike, skinning our knee, and God is sitting on the porch reading a newspaper, failing to hear our cries of pain.

How are we to rise above these feelings of being lost. How do we get God to come closer to us? I think that James may have an answer.

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you” (James 4:7-8).

It is when God feels the most distant that the enemy tends to attack the hardest. But, what James tells us is to flee from the enemy. Run in the opposite direction. Call the devil out on his lies. And then submit youself to God.

We should be running away from the enemy and drawing near to God. The enemy cannot stand in the presence of Christ, so that is where we will flee to.

This is how we get rid of the feeling that God is so far away – it is by drawing near to Him. For it is when we draw near to Him that He draws near to us. God never allows us to leave His presence empty-handed. He always draws near with peace, with joy, with comfort, with strength. God wants to draw near to you today, but sometimes we have to take the first step.

Life brings on so many questions, doubts, stresses. These things can weigh heavily on our shoulders and that is where many of our feelings of loneliness can set in. We feel like God has left us because we are bearing burdens we were never meant to bear.

There is a solution, however. The answer to all of lives stresses, questions, and doubts, is drawing near to God. The subject of all of humanity’s deepest longings, the internal desires, and most intimate human needs is to be in relationship with God and to spend time in His presence. Our first reaction during our difficulties should be to flee from the enemy and draw near to God.

I read a story from a popular Christian author who was talking about the rich relationship that his grandmother had with God. The first thing that she would do every morning was kneel at the edge of her bed and pour out her heart to God. Hours and hours were spent on her knees in prayer.

The author remembered going over to her house and spending time with his grandmother. Throughout their time together, every once and a while, his grandmother would stare longingly into her bedroom, quietly remembering her time in the presence of God and wishing to reenter into it once again.

She felt the presence of God so powerfully because when she drew near to Him, He drew near to her.

Flee from the enemy and draw near to God.

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