The Stoplight

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

We trust many different things as we go about our daily lives.

The stoplight. Always trusting that the color it presents is the right one. We trust that if it is giving us the green, it’s giving cross-traffic the red. We drive on through without a second thought.

The elevator. We step inside and press the button. We trust that it will take us safely to our destination. We trust that it will stop at the right floor and that the doors will open only when necessary.

Airline pilots. We take them for granted. When you are flying around in that oversized tin can, someone is flying. We trust that they have the knowledge and the experience to get us to our destination. More than that, we trust that if something goes wrong, they will take the appropriate action.

We trust that our computer will turn on, our phone will send the text, our Netflix show will be accessible the next evening, the gas pedal makes the car go and the brake makes it stop, that the price listed is the price we pay (plus tax), that the chef prepares our food in a sanitary way, that our money in our bank account is available to us, that our house will still be there when we get home.

We trust many different things and people. When we get married and we say our vows, the words are tied up in trust. I will be with you forever and my love is only for you. We trust that our boss will pay us for the work we’ve done. We trust that our kids will do their best in school.

Our lives are built on trust.

So, why do we find it so hard to trust in God? I don’t know. Sometimes we say that we find it hard to trust becuase we don’t see Him. But I don’t know if that is the case.

Most of us don’t understand the inner mechanism of a stoplight or the intricacies of the elevator. We don’t see the qualifications of the airline pilot. And yet, we trust in these things without question.

Why can’t we trust in God?

I think there is one big difference between God and the other things we trust in.

God never fails.

I remember sitting at a red light, really late at night. No one around for miles. One minute, two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, five minutes went by. No other cars. Red light. Stoplights sometimes fail us.

There are stories about people being trapped inside of elevators for hours on end because the elevator failed in some way. Planes crash. Marriages are broken apart by infidelity. Our phones lose signal. Netflix removes shows. Cars breakdown. Stores cheat their customers. Chefs don’t wash their hands. Bank accounts get hacked. Houses burn down.

But God never fails. So trust in Him.

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