The Best Gift (Read: John 2:1-12)

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

Jesus’s first miracle seems a simple one.

Here He is, at a wedding party, and they’ve run out of wine. It’s a catastrophe! In the culture of Jesus’s day, what good is a wedding without some wine?

But they had no reason to fear. Mary knew that the lack of supplies was no difficult task for her son. So, she calls Jesus over and explains the situation.

His response to her is one that He gives multiple times throughout His life: My time has not yet come.

Jesus wanted to assure that His ushering in of the Kingdom happened not on His time and certainly not on Mary’s time, but only in His Father’s time.

But Mary, seeming to ignore Christ’s words speaks to the servants: Do whatever He says.

I think the account of this first miracle can teach us something about the God we serve.

He allows our prayers to prompt Him into action.

I believe there are some things that our God simply will not do until we ask Him to. It’s not because He’s lazy or is ignorant of the problems we are facing, it is simply because He requires a prayer given in faith; a sign of right relationship with Him.

The fact of the matter is that, judging by Jesus’s response to Mary, He probably wouldn’t have chosen this wedding as the site of His first miracle. But it was because of Mary’s promptings and her faith that Jesus could get the job done that He worked a miracle.

Does this mean that God will always bend to the will of humans? Is our wish simply His command? Of course not.

But, God is clear. He values a faith-filled prayer. Whether He chooses to answer it in the way we see or not, He always allow Himself to be affected by our heart’s cry. That’s the God we serve.

The second thing this miracle teaches us is that God cares about the little things. This miracle seems sub-par compared to the healing of the blind man and raising Lazarus from the dead, but even Christ’s initial miracle shows us something.

God doesn’t always work in the spotlight. Sometimes, God chooses to work behind the scenes. He provides in small, seemingly inconsequential ways, but He’s always faithful.

I don’t frequently buy my wife a bright, shiny ring like I did when I asked her to marry me and that’s okay.  Sometimes the most impactful gift is the surprise rose on the nightstand when she wakes or her favorite candy sitting in the seat of her car.

God’s answers may not be flashy, but He is quick to show us that He cares about even our smallest of needs.

Whether we are struck with blindness or met with the last bottle of wine at a celebration, Jesus cares and He hears us when we pray.

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