He Is (Read: John 8:12-5)

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

Moses stood in the shadow of Horeb. The mountain hovered over him. In the daytime, it offered a cool shade. But in the darkness of night, Moses felt that the dark outline of the mountain seemed like a behemoth, biding it’s time, waiting for the perfect moment to tear itself from the cold ground and stampede over the land.

Moses peered at the mountain from the corner of his eye as he prodded the straying sheep with his staff. He was late getting back, after a while longer Jethro will begin to wonder where he was.

He pulled his cloak closer to his neck and watched the air puff from his lips in a cloud. Chilly night, he thought whistling to a sheep that was falling behind.

It was then that something caught his eye. He felt a heatwave blast onto the side of his face and filter through his thick beard. His heart danced in his chest and his sheep scattered. He looked to his left to see that a solitary bush, green as the sea, had somehow been set ablaze. Despite the leaping and licking flames the bush was not consumed.

“Impossible…” Moses whispered.

Moses felt his body turn and his feet begin to step towards the bush. He was drawn to it like a starving man to a piece of bread.

As he drew near, a voice emerged from deep within the fire. It yelled to him, “Moses! Moses!”

Moses jumped back. Startled by the use of his name. He didn’t know what else to say, “Here I am!” he called back.

“Stop where you are,” the voice called to Moses, “Take off your sandals for where you are standing is holy ground.”

Moses slipped off his sandals and placed them on the ground. He was not affected by the sharp stones that prodded his feet. He was distracted by the oddity before him.

He stepped closer to the bush. “I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.”

God shared with Moses his master plan. He has heard the cry of the enslaved Israelites and He wanted Moses to be his exfiltration expert.

Moses wasn’t sure he was up for the task. He dabbed the sweat that had gathered on his forehead with the sleeve of his cloak. “Who shall I say sent me?”

The strong and powerful voice boomed from the bush, “I AM WHO I AM.”

A cryptic response. A compelling response.

You cannot define me. There is no name that can encompass my identity. I am beyond comprehension. Pharaoh’s feeble and weak mind cannot understand who He has decided to war with. I AM WHO I AM.

The importance of such a vague title of which God gives Himself cannot be overstated. By simply saying “I AM WHO I AM” God doesn’t allow Moses nor Pharaoh to put Him in a box. He is not to be confined.

We see this engaging title reborn in the person of Jesus. In his discussion with the Jews, Jesus artfully resurrects God’s self-imposed name.

Jesus put His hand on His chest and spoke to the Pharisees. “Whoever will obey my word will never see death.

The Jews through their arms in the air, “You must be possessed by a demon! What you are saying makes no sense! You must be greater than Abraham for even he died. How dare you.”

Jesus shook his head, “If I glorify myself, glory means nothing. It is God, my Father, who glorifies me. You speak of Abraham and even he looked upon the present day and rejoiced!”

The Pharisees spoke with crinkles in their brow, “You’re barely thirty and you have seen Abraham?” They laughed in Jesus’ face.

Jesus spoke softly but with power, “Very truly I tell you, before Abraham was born, I AM!”

There’s that name once again. The name that has no boundaries. No dimensions.

And yet, how often do we put Jesus inside of a comfortable box where we can keep Him under control. Where His actions don’t twist our guts with conviction or His words don’t force us to reflect on our own lives.

What if, instead, we viewed God, Jesus Christ, as the great I AM. HE IS WHO HE IS.

And step back in the flame of His glory to stare in awe.

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