The Light (Read: John 12:12-50)

By: Steve Boggs

Deer hunting is one of my favorite fall activities. But, I must admit, when the November air is in the teens and I’m in my stand, waiting in the dark for the sun to rise, I often ask myself, “What am I doing out here? This is what you call fun, Steve?”

But when the sun does finally break the horizon and warmth makes its way through the trees and rests upon my face, it’s all worth it. It’s in those moments I position myself in such a way that I’m able to take full advantage of the light and warmth.

In today’s reading, we’re reminded that Jesus is our Light. By daily looking to Him who became the light to the world we are freed from darkness. Seek Him and serve Him with a willing heart, allowing His warmth to rest on your life. Don’t neglect the light. Seek it.

Don’t allow the trees or obstacles of this life to get in your way. Position yourself to see Jesus and stay in communion with Him. Obey, love, and trust in Him. He is our light.

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