Do Something New

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

The world is filled with discontent Christians. Believers who were promised a rich and dynamic livelihood, one filled with miracles, victories, and spiritual highs.

They felt they were entitled to bread in the desert and water spewing from a rock. And why not!? They serve the same God the Israelites did. Yet, their life is not filled with manna and fire from heaven. Instead, disappointment, boredom, and unhappiness abounds.

So what do you tell a discontent Christian?

Do something new.

It seems simple but it’s important. The fact of the matter is, if you want to improve at anything you have to do something new.
Think about athletes. If Steve the strongman continued to lift the same weight every day he would never get any stronger! And what about Rufus the runner? If he ran the same one-mile distance a day, he’d never be ready for the marathon!

They have to do something new. Lift a new weight. Run a new distance.
Professional musicians never got to be professionals by repeatedly playing “Hot Cross Buns”. They had to continually try something new, something harder, something more complex.

Doing something new is essential to improvement in any and all aspects of your life, including your spiritual life!

Have you always just read one chapter of your Bible a night before you go to bed? It’s time to do something new! Start a reading plan. Journal about how God is speaking to you. Have you always prayed that same repetitive prayer before you go to work? Do something new! Talk to God. Don’t pray at Him. Pray something bold. Pray something big and risky. And then watch God work.

I worry that so often we, as Christians, grow weary in waiting for God to work. We tap our watch and wonder when God is going to change us, provide a miracle, or spew water out of a rock. But so often, God is waiting for us to do something new. He’s waiting for us to step out of our comfort zone, start a small group in our home, dig deeper into the Word, commit to spending more time in His presence.

God so desperately wants to grow you and shape you into the person you were created to be, but so often He is waiting for you to do something new.
If you feel like you are growing discontent, like you’re standing in the desert hungry, thirsty, and ready for change. It may be time to do something drastic. Do something big. Do something bold. Do something that makes you uncomfortable. Do something that takes time. Do something that takes passion. Do something that requires faith.

Do something new.

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