Still Standing

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

It’s a passage that is easily skipped over and doesn’t quite make sense. 

Let’s set the scene:

A luscious garden on the far side of the Kidron Valley. Night descends on the greenery, this colorful oasis planted in the middle of the sweltering Middle East. Seated amongst the trees and shrubs we find the man called Jesus and his faithful followers. 

The disciples speak in soft tones. They chat and chuckle amongst themselves. Jesus stares into the fire that flickers between them, stoking the red-hot logs with a stick. His face is serious and contemplative. He knows the plan. He understands what must occur. 

Suddenly, the trees rustle. A small group of soldiers and officials march into the clearing. Some of them carry lanterns and torches that cast light on the leaves and flowers that surround them. Others carry swords. At their head is a short, cowardly man. The betrayer. 

The disciples hurry to their feet. Jesus stands up and speaks in a clear, strong voice, “Who is it you want?”

A large Roman soldier steps forward. His armor clangs as he sheathes his sword. “The one they call Jesus of Nazareth.”

“I am,” says Jesus. 

The cowardly Jew, the officials, and even the Roman soldiers had heard these words spoken before. They understood the power that was possessed by the one who spoke them. This is no vagrant. This is not a poor carpenter and hopeless prophet. This is the One who says, “I am”, the same words spoken from the burning bush that sprouted in holy ground. 

They had no other choice. So moved by the words, everyone in the small army fell to the ground in reverence. No soldier, official, or traitor can stand in the presence of the I am

It was a momentary act of reverence. They still arrested Him. Still tried Him. Still killed Him. The I Am

But even His enemies couldn’t help but fall to their knees when His true identity was revealed. 

So my question for you is this: Why are you still standing? 

Our pride can keep us elevated. We continue staggering through life on our own two feet. We bear our swords and don our armor. We believe that the battles we face daily are no match for me, myself, and I. 

But it isn’t long before we are proven wrong. Sure, you may win a few battles, and see a few victories. But soon an arrow will pierce the gap in your armor. Your own strength can only get you so far before you are forced to fall to the ground. 

So why wait until then? Fall to the ground now. Gather into the presence of the I am but don’t stand on hold ground. Kneel. 

Why are you still standing? Christ reigns over everything, including your greatest battles. 

We just have to surrender to ourselves and allow Him to give us victory.

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