By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

 In it’s 66-year history, LEGO never had a down year. Their profits continued to rise steadily, they were popular, they were constantly growing. 

Until 1998…

That year, everything change. They went from profiting 186 million dollars to only 48 million dollars in a single year. 

What happened? 

They didn’t anticipate the vast effect that electronics and technology would have on kid’s entertainment. Suddenly, kids would rather play Nintendo than play with LEGOs. They’d rather get on the computer then use their imagination to create with plastic blocks.

LEGO realized that if they were going to survive this new era of technology they were going to have to do something drastic. 

At the same time that LEGO was struggling, George Lucas was rolling out the first movie in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Lucas’ company approached LEGO with an idea. They wanted to parter together to create Star Wars LEGOs. 

What an idea! But there was a problem. LEGO’s senior Vice President at the time didn’t like movies and was skeptical about the partnership. He was quoted as saying that the deal would happen “over my dead body”.

Thankfully, the grandson of the creator of LEGO understood the implications of the partership, and signed the deal. 

The Star Wars branded LEGOS exploded! Everyone loved them. The success of the deal pushed LEGO to make more brand deals and even get into the movie business themselves. In 2019, LEGO made an estimated 1.3 billion in profits. 

What can this teach us?

Like LEGO’s 66-year success, we can have seasons of victory. We go through periods when our relationship with God is strong, we are on fire for Him, we’re excited about what He’s doing. We go to church and we experience His presence in substantial and meaningful ways. We hear His voice guiding and leading us. 

But change is always coming. Maybe temptations you thought were long gone begin to cloud your mind once more. Perhaps trouble stumbles upon your path. Crisis, unforeseen circumstances, bad news–all of can be a threat to our spiritual success. 

Change is coming, but we have a choice in how we react. 

We have to anticipate the fact that our “spiritual high points” are not going to last forever. Does this mean that we live in fear or approach life with a pessimistic attitude? Of course not! It means that we always have to be cognizant of the new things that God is doing in our ever-changing circumstances.

Like LEGO, new opportunities are going to pop up in seasons of discouragement and we have to have the sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to say, “Yes” instead of “over my dead body”.

If you’re currently on a spiritual mountain top, that’s great! But change is coming. Allow God to open your eyes to the new things He is doing.

If you are currently in the valley, allow God to reveal new and exciting opportunities for growth, healing, and peace.

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