By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

I’m far from a morning person.

Some people are ready to hop out of bed and go about their day the moment their alarm goes off. That’s not me. I’m hitting snooze a dozen times, dragging myself out of bed, and looking forward to getting my hands on a fresh cup of coffee.

We all have a morning routine. For most of us, our mornings always look the same: hit the alarm, brush your teeth, shower, get dressed, breakfast, coffee, leave for work. 

But I’ve come to realize one thing about mornings. Hidden within the groggy, foggy, painful routine we call “morning” is a tightly wound ball of potential. Your mornings are the short period of solitude just before you step into today. And today is where anything could happen. 

So often we forget about the importance of today.

Instead, we love to overwhelm ourselves with concern for yesterday. Our past keeps us up at night, rolling over and over in our sheets, worrying about the embarrassing thing we did ten years ago. We can drive ourselves crazy, tossing our regrets around in our minds, regretting both what we did and didn’t do. 

We are also really good at stressing about tomorrow. We worry about the future, not just a few days, but sometimes we worry about what our lives will look like years down the line. Christ told us not to worry about tomorrow, but not worrying is just too hard! After all, tomorrow is when the bills are due, where the deadlines lie, where anything could happen!

But we mustn’t forget about today.

Because today could change everything. Today could transform your past. What if you chose to no longer be distressed by the regret of your past? Today, you have the opportunity to learn from the past, come to terms with it, but then allow God to define your tomorrow. 

Todays so important because they can revolutionize your future. After all, many meaningful todays make up your future. Taking today by the reigns is the first step in drastically altering your future. 

It’s easy to grumble over the past or worry over the future, but it’s never easy to take control over today. But today is all that matters. Today defines tomorrow and ultimately defines your legacy. What will you do with today?

Today. Right now. At this moment, you could make a decision or step out in faith and change the course of your life forever. That’s the hidden potential embedded in every today and is rarely ever discovered.

Will you allow God to help you quit defining yourself by the past, stop worrying about tomorrow, and instead show you what He wants to do today? Because God wants to use today to redefine your yesterday and change your tomorrow.

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