Why Big Dreams Fail

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

All of us want to change something. I don’t think there is anyone that would say they are completely content with themselves. We want to spend more time in the Word. We want to drop ten pounds. We want to exercise more. 

We have all of these big goals that, if accomplished, will positively transform our lives, but we rarely see them come to pass. Why do a majority of New Year’s resolutions fail? Why can we never seem to see our dreams and aspirations for a better life come to fulfillment?

I think there are two main reasons. 

First, we have our eyes on the finish line rather than the steps we must take to get there. For instance, if we have a goal of reading through the entire Bible, many times, we’ll start reading daily but quit halfway through Numbers. (Let’s be honest, Numbers is a toughie.) The task is too great. The Bible is too thick. We’ll think never get through the whole thing! 

So we quit. 

What if, instead, we ask ourselves, “What step can I take TODAY that will help me reach my goal in the future.” If you’re ever going to reach the finish line, you have to begin by tying your shoelaces. You have big dreams and goals that are daunting. Focusing on their immensity and impossibility may cause you to give up. Instead, focus on today. Because there is almost always something you can do right now, that will get you just a little closer to your goal. 

Want to lose ten pounds? That’s not going to happen in a day. But what you can do today is take a walk and skip dessert. It’s a start. Want to write a book? Begin with writing the first page. Want to spend more time with God? There’s no better day than today to isolate yourself for fifteen minutes with your Bible and a notebook and get to work. 

Focus on today. Tie your shoelaces. And before you know it, you’ll look up and see that the finish line isn’t as far away as you once thought. 

The second reason we rarely reach our big goals is because we never invite God into the process. 

I don’t know why, but we seem to keep our aspirations and our spirituality separate. We want to lose weight, but we never think to ask God for encouragement and strength. We want to write a book, but we fail to ask for wisdom and direction. We want to be more patient, and yet we never ask for that particular fruit of the Spirit. 

Instead, we try to reach our goals by sheer willpower. When we attempt to conquer these unmountable ambitions with our own strength, we will always fail. But it’s incredible how quickly our dreams become a reality once God is invited into the process.

Suddenly, exercise becomes an act of worship. Developing patience is not simply a goal, but a transformation. A dream of being more frugal enables us to be generous and better stewards. 

Don’t keep your dreams and your spirituality separate. Invite God into the process. Let Him supply you with the strength to keep going and the path to tread. 

Begin with today. And don’t stop.

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