Justice. (pt. 2)

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

This is how much God cares about justice:

He cared so much so that he stopped up his ears and denounced the Israelite’s worship when they failed to pursue it. If that’s the case, then the modern-day Church should take justice seriously and not cower away from it! Because what Scripture shows us is that if we are willingly ignoring the injustice around us and blinding ourselves to the blatant needs in our communities and neighborhoods, then God finds our worship abhorrent! He won’t listen. 

How dare we worship God when we ignore His precious creation in the midst of their pain and suffering. How can we sing praises when humans, made with dignity and love, are being killed and go hungry? Just like the Israelites, when we ignore injustice, the blood is on our hands. 

So what are we to do?

The justice of which God speaks is not a simplified cancel culture that condemns and judges actions regardless of intention (we see that a lot today). God is speaking of protecting the vulnerable (the widow and the orphan), those who cannot fight for themselves. As a whole, God is talking about seeking justice in all things. 

That verb “seek” is so important. God is calling us to seek justice in all things. To pursuing what it truly means to “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. This will often take us down the rocky and shaky road of suffering, following the vulnerable and the oppressed to the places where they hurt the most. It means that we feel the burden of their pain, our heart is troubled so much to the point of speech. It means we fight for those who cannot. We speak for those who cannot. We seek justice, linking arms with Christ, a God who understands our suffering. We tread down all roads, down all avenues, and we don’t stop until we’ve walked back up the road of suffering into the land of freedom and peace. 

Justice should not be a word we are afraid to speak. Instead, it should be a word we proclaim and a word that we sing. God calls us to pursue justice in all things, here and now, because when Christ returns, he will bring justice once and for all. So why not start now? Why would we not begin freeing the oppressed now? Why not begin aiding the vulnerable and the hurting now? 

You are going to encounter situations in your everyday routine where God places injustices before you and asks you to speak up. To act. To be his hands and feet. And you have a decision to make. To ignore it, or to roll up your sleeves and walk into the suffering of others for the sake of the Gospel. 

Let us be a church who seeks justice–for the widow, the orphan, the abused and neglected children in our communities, the poor, the homeless, the hungry, for our black brothers and sisters, for the hurting, for the broken.

If justice is important to God, it must be important to His Church. If no one will seek justice in the world, let the Church be the first to say, “Here am I, Lord. Send me.”

One response to “Justice. (pt. 2)”

  1. The Pandemic has certainly slowed our outreach but I believe this message should speak to all Christians. We cannot be willing to settle in to our cozy, comfortable lives and forget that not everyone has such benefits. God presents the needs of the less fortunate to us continually. Whether it’s reaching out on an individual basis or as a church collectively, we must be ready to go and serve.


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