The End Goal

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

Whether you know it or not, everything you do is aimed at some end goal. 

There must be a reason you get out of bed in the morning, why you go to work, why you go to church, why you tell your kids to share and be nice to their friends.

We wouldn’t do any of the things we do unless we were working towards an end goal. 

Many times, we may not be aware of the end goals towards which we are working. Our goals are hard to name. Our end goals are not things or people, but they are pictures, woven together by our imaginations. In our mind’s eye, we see where we want to be or where we want to go, and everything we do and all the decisions we make carry us (we think) one step closer to our goal.

The problem is this: all too easily, our mind’s eye can be skewed. The narratives of the world can tarnish our imaginations.

Hollywood paints a very clear picture as to what end goals you should be working towards. Through movies and television, we are told what things are worth chasing after–sex, success, happiness.

When you enter a shopping mall, you are submerged in the narrative that tells you that the best end goal is one of a consumer. Make more. Buy more. Gain more. 

If we aren’t careful, our lives can be pulled by these false narratives and destroy our imaginations. 

So what is our end goal? As Christ-followers, what is it that we should direct ourselves toward? What should be intertwined amidst our imaginations and overflow into our decisions and actions?

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

This is our end goal. For God’s Kingdom to come once and for all.

Because this is our end goal, our hearts and thoughts and words and actions should point towards God’s Coming Kingdom. 

This is what Christ was showing us. He spoke of love, forgiveness, and reconciliation. He resurrected the dead. Why? Because the things that he did and the words that he spoke all anticipated the day when God’s Kingdom would finally come. Because He saw and imagined a world in which God’s fullness and power would reign and everything pointed forwards to that day. 

Because he was without sin, his imagination was not skewed. His mind’s eye was not clouded. He saw the picture of the coming Kingdom, and his entire life was lived in bringing it to fulfillment. 

How do we share in Christ’s imagination? How do we imagine the Kingdom of God in such a way that it consumes our every thought and action?

We look at Jesus. We read what he said and what he did. We seek out his spirit and open ourselves to be filled and transformed by him. We gather with the church and join in fellowship with like-minded people who are known by their love. We participate in communion in which we eat of the Body and drink of the Blood, being reminded of the sacrifice, living in the brokenness. We are baptized as new believers, symbolizing our death to sin and our new life in Christ. 

The things in which we participate are not without reason. They help us imagine. They push us on. They redirect our hearts. They make us better equipped to reach the end goal of aiding God in ushering in His Kingdom. 

Towards what end goal are you living?

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