December 1st – It’s Going To Be Okay

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

 Sometimes we need someone to tell us that everything’s going to be okay. When our minds are spinning out of control and our heart is beating out of our chests, a calming word from a friend or a realtive can truly make a difference. 

This is especially true with our parents.

Observe a young child playing in the living room–stumbling as they walk, still trying to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other. 

But as children do so often, a toe get’s caught, the rug catches, and they fall onto their bottom, their jaws clicking together.

Their eyes go wide with fright and pain. And who’s the first person they look to? Mom or Dad.

They look to their parents to know how to respond. 

I know when Chloe was young, whenever she would fall, our family got into the habit of cheering. For some reason, because others around her were not concerned with her fall, Chloe figured she didn’t have to be worried either. 

And she wouldn’t cry. 

I was reminded of these moments as I read from the book of Isaiah, chapter 43:

Do not fear” (v.1).

Do not be afraid” (v.5).

Like any good Father, Yahweh assures His children, telling them there is nothing to fear. 

What reasons do the Israelites have not to be fearful?

I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine” (v.1). 

I will be with you” (v.2).

You are precious and honored in my sight…because I love you” (v.4).

And most importantly:

I am doing a new thing!” (v19).

Israel was in exile, pushed away from the normal, forced to live eternally in the unexpected. 

Sound familiar?

But then God came to tell them that  everything will be okay! You do not have to fear! For you have a God who loves you and is looking after you!

This Christmas season, be reminded that, in sending Christ Jesus, God was doing a new thing, and his “New” work continues today. 

Can you see it? Can you feel it? Have you experienced it?

Everything’s going to be okay. 

Do not fear. 

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