December 3rd – In an Instant

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

My wife hates change. I’ve been trying to convince her to switch from an Android phone to an iPhone for the longest time. Despite how many features, apps, or specifications I describe to her, she remains set in her ways. 

“I don’t want an iPhone. I like my phone.”

“But why!? Can you not see that the iPhone is better?” I asked her. 

“That may be so. But I like my phone, Maybe someday I can convince her. 

Many of you may relate to my wife. Maybe you detest change, and if you could have your way, you’d have everything remain just how it is. You do the same thing every day. Your routine is set. You watch the same shows and rewatch the same movies. You eat the same foods and devour the same desserts. You just don’t like change.

And that’s fine. But I’m sure you can agree that despite all your habits and routines, things always change.

It’s the way of the world. Change is always on the horizon. Things never will stay exactly as they are. 

Even you, whether you know it or not, are changing.

This is why we find ourselves up at night, feeling our stomach tighten with regret and our brow sweat with shame when we are reminding of something offensive we said ten years ago. Why did I say that!? I would never say that now. 

And you’re right. You wouldn’t. And why not? You’ve changed.

You aren’t the same person you were ten years ago. When Annie and I underwent premarital counseling, our pastor told us, “You’ll be married to 10 different people throughout your marriage. You both will change a lot throughout the years.”

That stuck with me, and I’m already finding it to be true.

The passing years change us. Our personality changes. Our likes and dislikes shift. Our beliefs deconstruct and reconstruct. 

We have no say in the change that time brings. 

But here’s a word of hope: You don’t have to wait years to change. If you find yourself dissatisfied with your state of life, with your struggles and disappointments, with your addictions and secret sins,  you don’t have to wait to change. 

Instead, because of the power of God, the blood of Christ, and the sanctification of the Holy Spirit, we can find change…in a moment. Change doesn’t require years of growth, but instead, change can come with a prayer and a movement from God.

And let me tell you this: If you are like my wife and you don’t like change, I promise, you’ll love the change that God can bring. Will it be painful? Maybe. Will it disrupt my life? Probably. But the change that God desires to bring to your life will transform your reality and upend your outlook. 

Suddenly, where there was fear, there’s hope. Where there was doubt, there’s faith. Where there was hate, there’s love.

This Advent season, will you accept the greatest gift of all, the overwhelming change, wrought by Christ’s blood, by the power of the Holy Spirit, here to radically transform your life?

In an instant. 

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