December 7th – A Special Gift

By: Ruth Jones

She was a beautiful innocent young lady still trying to navigate through her formative years. Facing many of the same challenges we encounter today, she was starting to develop a few of those lifetime milestones that we cling to later in life–claiming increased wisdom and understanding because of them or just a sense of security and purpose.

A stranger approached her unexpectedly one day “out of the blue,” who had a quiet, gentle radiance. He starts a conversation and attempts to calm her fears. There is nowhere she can retreat to, no one close to come to her aide. With resignation, she listens to the strange message he is bringing. It resounds in her ears and feels like the whole world would hear and reel with her.

She is pregnant. If the world did not hear the announcement, she knew there was no way the truth could remain concealed. Thoughts flood through her mind. This was not the plan I had for my life. My husband might divorce me, my family reject me, and I could be stoned. 

Hang on, did I hear that right? Elizabeth is also pregnant? Both a young virgin girl and a lady past her childbearing years, pregnant. How can this be? This is amazing. The world has been waiting for such a long time for this news, and now God has chosen me! I am willing to do what you ask and go where you send me.

God still seeks out a relationship with me that takes me to places that I do not expect. He wants to give to me from His abundance, to bless me. He does not force me to accept His will even though I know it is best for me. 

I know, like Mary, God has placed His special gift to me, within me. I have a choice to make. Will I allow His gift to grow within me and then be revealed to the whole world? 

Fear causes me to hesitate as I know I will have to trust Jesus through vulnerability and exposure. The gift within Mary changed the whole world. 

In the past I have considered my place in this world, my comfort, and fear of rejection before His mission. This is a season where God is calling me to trust Him more than I have before and trust Him with the results. 

I know His grace is sufficient for me and that every knee must bow to Jesus. 

People are distracted by this world and it has been a long time since Jesus promised to return. He always keeps His promises, we are ready to see Him in the skies.

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