By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

“I have a great need for Christ. I have a great Christ for my need.” – Charles Spurgeon

We, as people, are always interested in knowing people better. Just think about it. Why are tabloids and magazines about celebrities so popular? What about biographies and biopics? Documentaries on historical figures and movies that portray real people in a genuine and human way.

We are constantly seeking to know other people in a deeper way.

I think about the trend that has been going on ever since social media came about. “Facebook stalking” is when you meet someone new who you don’t know much about and you go on their Facebook page to gather as much knowledge about them. You scroll through their posts and flip through their pictures. You poke into their friend’s list and look over their About Me page. All in an effort to know them on a deeper level.

I wonder if we desire the same from Christ. Do we desire to know Him more?

If we did, we would be getting into the Word more often. If you try to find out more about a person by digging into their Facebook page, then you can find out more about who Christ is by digging into the Word.

Christ is the Word made flesh. This means that He embodies that which fills our Holy Scriptures. By reading the Bible you are seeking God in a unique and special way. If you want to know more about Christ, if you want to truly see His face, you need to get into Scripture.

When we read the Bible, it has an effect on our hearts and minds. When we read Scripture, we can’t help but fall in love with Jesus. Our hearts are filled and our minds are renewed. By knowing Christ more, we are changed.

The more we know Christ, the more our lifestyle begins to change. We live as Christ did. We love the people He loved and serve the people He served. We work for the Kingdom that He came to establish. We forgive as He did.

Read Scripture with the intention of knowing God more. Read it with the desire to share His heart. Allow God to speak to you through the Words on their page. Feel as the words come alive and surround you as you walk throughout your day.

Rediscover who Christ is this week. Read the Gospel with new eyes. How does He act? How does He respond? What made Him angry? What broke His heart?

In this searching, you will come closer to sharing the face of Christ and the heart of God.

Parents: Explain to your children how they can know Christ more. 


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