Do You Love Me? (Read: John 21:15-25)

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

It is in John 21 that Peter’s betrayal seems to be undone. On three occasions Peter denied knowing Christ and now Christ asks Peter to confess his love three times.

I imagine that each time Jesus asked Peter the question–Do you love me?–Peter’s face got a little redder, he got a little more defensive, and he began to doubt himself.

I do love Him, don’t I? Don’t I?

It is only after Peter reiterates his love for Christ multiple times that Christ tells him, “Follow me.”

Loving and following are intertwined. Following is the natural response to a love for God.

The groupies are the die-hard fans of their favorite bands. They love the music so much they’ll follow it anywhere it goes.

When a well-loved restaurant moves across town, people have no problem driving the extra distance so they can sit down in front of their favorite meal.

A young girl who looks up to her teenage sister combs her hair in the same way, dresses in similar clothes, and cakes on make-up with childlike innocence.

Following is the natural response of love.

I wonder how many times Christ would ask me about my love for Him. How many times would He ask you?

You say you love Him, but are you following Him? Are you overwhelmed with a passion for God that you can’t help but follow Him to the ends of the earth, all things abandoned, no hold barred?

Or do you say that you love Him with a clenched fist and questioning tone? Do you like doing what you want to do? Do you stray toward the comfortable and the ordinary? Do you enjoy living your life totally for yourself? You make the rules and the decisions.

You’ve walked with Christ throughout the entire book of John. You’ve seen what He’s done and heard what He said. You’ve watched Him love those who hurt Him and show grace to His enemies. You’ve watched as He engages with the outcasts and ate with the sinners. You’ve explored His teachings and have grown to understand more about who He is.

But, do you love Him? Do you really love Him? Do you truly love Him?

Then prove it. Follow Him. No holds barred. All things abandoned. Live a life totally, 100% for Him.

And stand back in awe at where He takes you.

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