Goal of Life

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

What is the ultimate goal of life? 

It’s a question that must be asked by each of us. The end to which we direct ourselves will ultimately decide the course our life will take. Every decision we make, big or small, brings us one step closer to our goal. How we treat others, how we interact with the world around us, and how we relate to God, are all affected by the main objective we are striving for. 

Our culture tends to set one primary goal before us: happiness. The commercials on TV and the ads online profess that their product, service, or food will make you happier. Our time is best used performing activities that make us happier people. Our money is best spent on purchasing objects and experiences that make us more happy. 

But what have we found out? No product or adventure, no medication or business can provide us with the long-lasting happiness we’ve been promised. If happiness is the end goal of life, we are all failing miserably. We are a desperately unhappy, discontent people. We scramble around, trying to find the next best thing that we hope will satisfy us. But it always fails. Happiness cannot be our primary goal. If we shoot for happiness, every decision we make and path we tread will lead us to disappointment. 

So what is it then? What is it that we must strive for? What’s the point of life?

It is not happiness but holiness. It is not accomplishment but relationship. It’s is not prosperity but purpose. 

The things of this world are fleeting. The objects we chase after cannot solve the complex problems we face. The only One who can satisfy, who is everlasting, who extends help in every circumstance, is Christ. When we chase after him, he runs towards us. 

Does it mean that, in Christ, we will find happiness around every corner? That suffering will be a distant memory? That all of our sorrows will fade away? 

No. Not yet. God’s reserved that for eternity. 

But what it does mean is that we will find purpose here on earth. God will inject our life with overwhelming meaning. Our life will be dynamic and exciting because it has intersected with the heavenly realm in a beautiful and wonderful way. 

Every decision we make, big or small, brings us ever closer to God. How we treat others, how we interact with the world around us, is drawn from our desire to experience intimacy with God and love for others.

When we aim the course of our life towards God–striving for holiness and praying for purpose–we find long-lasting contentment and peace.

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