December 15th – In the Father’s Arms

By: Pastor Jarren Rogers

For some reason, the word “surrender” has taken on a sort of negative connotation. And yet, surrender is the very thing we are called to–one of the greatest actions a human can make in relation to their God.

To many of us, surrender is simply to give up. To work really hard at something. To give everything you have but, in the end, throwing up your hands in failure. In history class, speaking of surrender means that one side is elated because they’ve won the battle, and the other side is defeated, forced to trudge home with their heads in their hands.

But to the Christian, the word “surrender” should be one of great joy.

Let me explain.

There comes a time when you are walking with a young child that they can no longer keep up. Having shorter legs and taking smaller steps doesn’t work to their advantage. Instead, they lag behind. Seeing Mom and Dad growing further ahead, they start into a quick trot to catch up. But they can only walk in step with their parents for a short time before they find themselves falling back once again.

As you can imagine, walking around a mall or in a park can grow tiring for a young child. The cycle of falling behind and catching up, only to fall behind again wears on the child both physically and mentally. 

Until finally, they surrender.

“Daddy, hold me!”

Finally, rest. Finally, peace.

In that one act of surrender, the child trades the fast-paced, demanding act of doing it on their own, for the relief found in a father’s arms.

Too often, we can get caught up in the rapid and exhausting ways of the word. We stress and work, growing more anxious by the day because we see the world pulling ahead and yet it seems as if we fall further behind. 

The good news is that we can surrender into our Father’s arms. When our strength fails, when our legs grow weak, when we can’t go any further–we can grasp towards heaven and feel God’s arms surround us.

In the act of surrender, we claim: not by my strength but by His, not by my wisdom but by His, not my will be done, but His. We are no longer caught up in the hustle and bustle. We don’t have to get caught in the cycle of catching up and falling behind. Instead, we live only to please our Father, for His glory and His pleasure.

Surrender is not a bad thing. It is what is required of us. We were never meant to walk through life on our own, pulling from our own strength. We were created to live in relation to our God, filled with His Spirit and driven by His love. 

So surrender. And in your Father’s arms find peace, security, love, and rest.

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